7 Point EDI Change Up CheckList

Switching EDI solutions

Modernizing your internal systems, recently deploying a new ERP or simply out-growing your current EDI system are just a few signs it may be time to look for a new EDI solution.

Luckily switching vendors is a relatively straightforward process. But like most systems, to make the transition as smooth as possible it’s important to fully understand what you are getting into. Use this list to ensure all checkpoints have been considered before making the switch.

1. Knowledge is power.

Understand your own solution requirements and any compliance requirements.

2. Do you want integration with that?

Determine how connected you want your business systems: web-based, fully integrated or partial integration.

3. Pick a provider wisely.

Consider scalability, solution readiness, industry leadership and expertise, as well as trading partner network size and available support.

4. We’ve got you covered.

Consult with your EDI provider to discuss each step of the switching process.

5. It’s on the calendar.

Establish an implementation timeline and communicate with your trading partners.

6. Test, test, test.

Test as many scenarios as possible during the implementation phase.

7. Do the work needed.

In the long term, you will end up with a more robust solution.


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