Smart retail solutions for merchandising.

Manage your assortment. See how you’re doing. Grow your business.

As a retail merchant, you face many unique challenges.


Strategic planning

You’re responsible for strategic planning for your business, but consumers are increasingly difficult to understand and predict.


Assortment planning

You’re in charge of assortment planning, but it’s time-consuming and difficult to find quality products and vendors.


Manage revenue & profits

You manage revenue and profits, yet you’re leaving money on the table due to overstocks and understocks. And you’re losing money with an increasing number of online returns (25% or more are due to inaccurate or incorrect item details).


Flexible order fulfillment

Your consumers demand faster and more costly delivery, but more flexible order fulfillment models expose issues with legacy systems and supply chain limitations.

Smart technology is your best defense against these challenges.

With solutions from SPS Commerce, you can quickly add products to your assortment and onboard new vendors in record time. We can also ensure you have the right products in the right locations at the right time with complete visibility into your supply chain.

Mitigate risk. Maximize profit. Get ready to thrive in the new era of retail.