Smart retail supply chain technology.

Onboard vendors. Automate data exchange. Integrate systems.

Much of the retail industry is behind when it comes to technology.

Legacy systems do not have the flexibility required to meet today’s retail requirements of orchestrating information and engagement across all channels – all while providing a great customer experience.

Retail technology departments struggle to manage existing operations and an often messy infrastructure with poorly integrated systems… while also trying to innovate, gain efficiency and scale.

EDI in particular is an area in need of improvement for many retail businesses.

Traditional EDI systems involve a collection of issue-prone, one-to-one connections. And traditional EDI won’t help you catch and prevent errors or alert you before a shipment is missed.

SPS offers you a modern, scalable retail platform built on the foundation of EDI.


Total visibility

Get total visibility into orders and inventory with a seamless integration into your business systems.


Faster onboarding

Onboard EDI vendors faster than your competition.


Integrated systems

Integrate business systems (EDI/ERP/PIM) with EDI and order fulfillment.


Streamline process

Streamline item setup and management with vendors.


One connection

Instead of managing a mess of one-to-one connections, you only need to connect once to the SPS network. We’ll handle the EDI mapping, spec changes and ongoing compliance.

How are you using technology to solve retail’s biggest challenges?