Get automated with Acctivate EDI integration.

Acctivate EDI integration connects seamlessly with SPS Commerce Integrated Fulfillment to deliver an end-to-end, fully integrated and automated EDI solution.

Acctivate EDI integration: Automate Acctivate purchase orders, ship notices, and more

Integrated EDI Fulfillment for Acctivate.

Our Acctivate integrated solution utilizes a pre-built, user-friendly adapter that connects your QuickBooks system to the leading web-based EDI platform. With a direct integration between SPS Commerce & Acctivate:


Easily connect with trading partners


Automate and streamline routine tasks


Eliminate manual re-entry of documents


Enjoy rapid order and transaction processing


Turn cost overhead into cost reductions


Significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy


Achieve compliance with trading partners


Strengthen relationships with trading partners

Acctivate integration is the perfect fit for distributors and online retailers in industries like:

Food & Beverage

Auto parts

Industrial supply & equipment


And many more

Decrease total EDI expenses

Integrating your SPS Commerce with Acctivate will not only boost your productivity, efficiency, and accuracy – but will make EDI a cost effective, scalable solution for your business. By reducing hours of manual labors, errors and miscommunications, you will reduce overheads and free up cash flow, making your operations overall more cost effective.

Scale to size effortlessly and efficiently

With this simple integration, Acctivate populates native customer and business data to quickly fill out documents and forms with accurate answers. This allows for peace of mind when it comes to automating formerly manual tasks. You can process more documents in less time with significantly less errors and labor thanks to a seamless flow of information.

EDI support for any document, any partner

The SPS Commerce integrated EDI solution for Acctivate provides native support for most common accounting documents, including purchase orders, invoices, inventory management and more. When you integrate your Acctivate system to the SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) solution, rapidly begin trading documentation between your trading partners.

Never worry about your EDI process again

With SPS Commerce as your EDI provider and Acctivate as your EDI and inventory management software, all data becomes centralized and easy to find. Keeping all relevant data in one place eliminates lost documents and wasted time searching for what you need when you need it. Easily access data from your warehouses, 3PLs or drop ship partners when processing orders from trading partners.

Why choose SPS Commerce?

More than 80,000 businesses in over 60 countries around the world trust SPS Commerce to keep transactions running smoothly. To help support your business processes, SPS Commerce offers:

24/7/365 global support.


SPS can automate any EDI transaction with any trading partner.

A data center engineered to process huge surges in transaction volume.

Get started with Acctivate EDI integration.

Our consultants are standing by, ready to answer your questions about Acctivate integration and help you down the path to a simplified EDI solution.