First step to omnichannel assortments: complete item data!

by | May 20, 2015 | Omnichannel, Retailers, Suppliers

Today’s consumers are savvy and demanding when it comes to online shopping. They can easily research, compare and criticize via social media about any product they want. In addition, they expect every shopping environment they visit to offer extensive product details before they make a purchase. It’s a clear sticking point for omnichannel retailers and suppliers: complete item data is the driving force behind the consumer shopping experience.

Shoppers expect multiple product images, accurate product descriptions, honest customer reviews and shipping availability. Their demands are seemingly endless and it’s become difficult for retailers and suppliers to keep up.

The days of having one product image and a short description are over. Meeting shoppers’ demands by providing multiple product attributes such as multiple pictures, shipping options and in store pick-up that are consistent regardless of where they shop, requires the new approach to assortment planning.

Making sure product attributes are robust enough for the consumer takes a new breed of assortment solutions. The latest assortment solutions manage item information, are simple to use for marketers and organizations, and are easy to implement and maintain are the key to delivering a consistent shopping experience. After all, the correct assortment with comprehensive, complete item data and information can:

  • Boost sales
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Enhance collaboration with trading partners
  • Generates a more nimble supply chain
  • Standardize item attribute data

To discover more information on assortment, check out this short video from SPS Commerce that gives a basic understanding of omnichannel assortment in under a minute. To find out if your assortment strategy is ready for the demands of today’s shopper, check out SPS Assortment or contact SPS Commerce directly.

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Find the correct EDI solution for your business.

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