IRCE @ RetailX is just around the corner, see you in Chicago

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Retailers, Suppliers, TeamSPS

Next week, the #MeetSPS team will be packing up and heading south to the Windy City (aka Chicago) to be part of IRCE @ RetailX. We are eager to see the many e-commerce brands, retailers and partners that are attending. For more than a decade, SPS has attended IRCE to converse with companies just like you and every year the discussion changes.

What’s on your mind this year?

If you are worried about ever-shortening delivery timelines, challenged by the growing need for more item data, or wondering how to monitor your sales with online and physical retailers, we need to talk! At SPS, we have decades of experience working with retailers and suppliers at all stages of their e-commerce journey, including expanding their direct-to-consumer operations.

Stop by to see and hear how full-service EDI can make your e-commerce easier in 2019. At the SPS booth, you’ll experience:

  • Live demos of SPS Commerce Fulfillment, the #1 Most Popular EDI Solution
  • New research with fresh insight and advice from our top 100+ drop shippers
  • Onsite podcasts with experts on e-commerce
    (contact to sign-up as a guest and get a special gift)

Can’t wait until IRCE? Contact us today. Or, we’ll see you in June at IRCE @ RetailX booth #1244.

#MeetSPS at an event near you!

#MeetSPS at an event near you!

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